Saturday, June 24, 2017

Radio Gloria Int.

Radio Gloria International – Alternative Music Radio
RGI schedule summer

Sundays April 23, May 28, June 25, July 23, Aug.27, Sept.24
Sunday 17-19 (15-17 UTC)
Wedn. 20-22 (18-20 UTC
Satd. 13-15 (11-13 UTC)

every Tuesday 23-24 (21-22 UTC)

Sunday 17-19 (15-17 UTC)

SW 7310 parallel
Sunday 11-12 (9-10 UTC)
for SW-listeners:

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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Thank you Ron O Quinn

Hello to all Radio Mi Amigo International friends,
After 57 years in radio business, Ron is hanging up his 'Rockn-Roll-shoes'. Radio Mi Amigo International presents his very last live broadcast on the airwaves with a special show remembering his career and each jock in our team saying a special 'thank you' and of course you will hear the 'boss-jock' himself. 
The show will be aired on June, 25 from 19 - 21 hr CET (17 - 19 hr UTC) on 11845 kHz in the 25m SW-band with 100 KW  and also online on our webstreams. 
All infos on our webpage:

Nach 57 Jahren im Radio haengt Ron O Quinn seine Rockn Roll Schuhe an den Nagel. Wir ehren ihn mit einem 2-stuendigen Special in dem alle DJs in unserem Team ein ganz spezielles Dankeschoen sagen und natuerlich kommt der 'boss-jock' selbst auch zu Wort. 
Die Sendung wird am 25. Juni von 19 - 21 hr CET (17 - 19 hr UTC) auf 11845 kHz im 25m SW-band mit 100 KW ausgestrahlt und natuerlich auch in unseren webstreams.
 Alle Infos gibt es hier:                                                                                                                                           


.....and don't forget: the MI AMIGO SUMMER COMPETITION 2017! is still running, all infos:

kind regards
Cpt. Kord and the whole team

Saturday, June 3, 2017


Some updates on our activities.- We have activated a PAYPAL account to give everyone the opportunity to help with donations that will cover the costs of broadcasting the broadcasts as well as the QSLs and gadgets we have sent and we will send. You can make donations through our page or directly using our email We've been postponing an hour broadcasting on Wednesday's broadcast of 1584 kHz over 6070 kHz for a few weeks, thus significantly improving Italy's coverage in medium waves, considering the season. Please pay close attention to any ads that we will make, because there is a possibility to postpone Wednesday's broadcast times again on the basis of mutant propagation conditions, which are increasingly seasonal.- We apologize to the listeners if sometimes the broadcasts are not aired or they are broadcast at different times than announced, but this only depends on the station operators repeating our programs. We recall that the IBC does not have its own transmitters, but uses Radio Channel 292 from Rohrbach in Germany on 6070 kHz, USA Radio on Miami 7730, 9955 and 11580 kHz, and Radio Studio X in Italy at 1584 kHz to spread Their broadcasts.- We have started a fruitful collaboration with our friend Stefano VK6WFM, which allows us to broadcast our broadcasts in Italian and English on the frequency of 77.4 MHz in Perth, Australia, every day between 14 and 16 UTC (22- 24 local time in Perth). In addition to the FM, our programs and those of the broadcaster can be streamed at The station will also start broadcasting shortwave waves at 5045 kHz frequency as soon as possible.- All our transmissions that are broadcast on the frequency of 1584 kHz can also be heard in much of Tuscany on 87.3 Mhz in FM. In this case, streaming to is also active.- We just started a cycle of 12 broadcasts titled "The History of Telecoms" that will keep you company for about three months. It is a production aired in the late 1979, re-recorded in the archives and remastered to try to improve its audio quality.We hope that the efforts we make weekly in the production of programs can be of your own liking; However, we invite you, as always, to write to us your comments, judgments or criticisms on our broadcasts. The invitation is also to collaborate with us, as some listeners have done, "transmitting" your experiences and knowledge.Reminding you to listen to the "Listening Post", broadcast on Wednesday, June 7, on behalf of the whole staff I wish you a great summer season rich in DX.73'sSaverioCOMPLETE TIMETABLE TRANSMISSION IN ITALIAN:"IBC DIGITAL" in MFSK32 transmits the last 5 'of each broadcast in English.WEDNESDAY'- 17-18.30 UTC (19-20.30 ORA LEGALE ITALIANA) 6070 KHZ- 18-19.30 UTC (20-21.30 ORA LEGALE ITALIANA) 1584 KHZTHURSDAY'- 01-02.30 UTC (03-04.30 ORA LEGALE ITALIANA) 1584 KHZSATURDAY- 13-14.00 UTC (15-16.00 ORA LEGALE ITALIANA) 6070 KHZIBC - ITALIAN BROADCASTING CORPORATIONSome news from IBC.- We have activated a PayPal account to give everyone the opportunity to help us with donations; They will cover the costs of broadcasting as well as the shipping cost of QSLs and gadgets. You can make donations through our web site or directly using our email Our broadcasts, both in Italian and English, are now available on FM at Perth in Australia, from 14 to 16 UTC (22 local Perth time) on the frequency of 77.400 MHz and worldwide online at www.77400. fm. 7400 is a relatively new station transmitting from Greenwood, north of Perth, Western Australia; The first broadcast was made on 20 June 2016. Its schedule includes the 80s and 90s disco / dance music and radio amateurs news program. The station has already got a license from Australian authority to operate on shortwave on the frequency of 5045 kHz. If all goes well, shortwave operations will start in the next few months.73'sSaverioENGLISH SCHEDULE:"IBC DIGITAL" in MFSK32 will be at the end of each broadcast.WEDNESDAY- 18.30-19 UTC 6070 KHZ TO EUROPE- 19.30-20 UTC 1584 KHZ TO EUROPETHURSDAY- 02:30 AM UTC 1584 KHZ TO EUROPEFRIDAY- 01-01.30 UTC 9955 KHZ TO CENTRAL / SOUTH AMERICA- 13-13.30 UTC 11580 KHZ TO NORTH AMERICASATURDAY- 01.30-02 UTC 11580 KHZ TO NORTH AMERICA- 20-20.30 UTC 1584 KHZ TO SOUTH EUROPESUNDAY- 00.30-01 UTC 7730 KHZ TO NORTH AMERICA- 10.30-11 UTC 6070 KHZ TO EUROPE (VIA RADIO BCL NEWS)-------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------IBC - ITALIAN BROADCASTING C

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Radio Mi Amigo International - Newsflash - June 2017


                                                    RADIO MI AMIGO SUMMER COMPETITION 2017

Hello to all Radio Mi Amigo International friends,
A brandnew competitions starts and you can win great prizes.
All details you will find here:

All Information you will get also in our daily shows (Monday-Thursday 14:00 and 19:00, Friday, Saturday and Sunday 09:00 - 19:00 CET)
Our programm-schedule, frequencys and onlinestreams: 

All Infos and where you can order your own copy of the 2 Laser-books, written by Paul Rusling:

kind regards
Cpt. Kord and the whole team

Monday, May 22, 2017

Pirate Studio 52 to start monthly broadcast via relay

Pirate Studio 52 to start monthly broadcast via relay
Studio 52 will start a short wave via Media Broadast GmbH, starting from 3 June 2017, once a month, from 1200 to 1500 UTC (14:00 - 17:00 hours CET).

Due to delays in the approval from the German authorities, the broadcast is initially outsourced to Sofia and from there the 11715 kHz with 100kW.

The aim is, however, to carry the transmission in the 49m band with 100kW from Nauen.

The same transmitter and antenna is used for the well-known KBC, so that approximately the same reception conditions are achieved.

The broadcasts also run via the stream, which is also frequented by Hitmix and Radio60 during the week.

Studio52 wird ab dem 03.06.2017 zunächst immer einmal im Monat in der Zeit von 12:00 - 15:00 Uhr UTC (14:00 - 17:00 Uhr MESZ) eine Kurzwelle bei der Media Broadast GmbH anmieten.

Wegen Verzögerungen bei der Genehmigung der deutschen Behörden wird die Ausstrahlung vorerst nach Sofia ausgelagert und von dort die 11715 kHz mit 100kW eingesetzt. Ziel ist es jedoch, die Ausstrahlung im 49m-Band mit 100kW von Nauen aus durchzuführen. Dort wird dann der gleiche Sender und Antenne wie das allseits bekannte KBC benutzt, sodass in etwa die gleichen Empfangsbedingungen erreicht werden.

Die Sendungen laufen auch über den Stream, der unter der Woche auch von Hitmix und Radio60 frequentiert wird.

(info via Dr Tim)